Why You Shouldn't Put off Your Annual AC Inspection

Furnace Repairs Needed To Solve Issues With Your HVAC System This Winter

As the weather gets worse this winter, you will want to make sure your heating is working as it should. Therefore, you want to get your furnace repaired quickly when your HVAC is not heating your home. Many furnace problems can cause issues with the HVAC system. The following furnace repairs are often needed when your HVAC system is not heating your home as it should.

Failing Furnace Blower Motor

The furnace blower motor failing is a common issue with HVAC systems during the winter months. When your heating system is working harder to keep your home warm, the motor can fail. When this happens, the blower will need to be repaired to get your heating working again. If the blower can't be repaired, then it may be time to have it replaced. There are also solutions to upgrade the blower fan with more efficient equipment if the motor needs to be replaced.

Ignitor and Pilot Light Issues

Ignitors are another component of the furnace that may need repairs. With gas furnaces, modern systems often have an electric ignition system. These systems are a more efficient and reliable design for furnaces, but they can wear out and often need to be replaced. With an older system, the pilot light can wear out and need to be replaced. You should consider updating your system with a modern electric ignition system to end the problems with a pilot light constantly going out.

Heat Exchanger Problems

Other problems that you may have with your furnace are due to the heat exchanger. Sometimes, these components may be dirty, and cleaning them can help fix issues with your HVAC system not heating. If cleaning the heat exchanger does not solve the problem, it will probably need to be replaced to fix your furnace and get your heating working again. These heat exchanger problems are often minor repairs that can be fixed easily.

Heat Sensors and Circuit Board Problems

The electrical components of your furnace can also fail and cause problems. First, you will need to have the heat sensors checked. They will need to be replaced if they are not working properly and there are signs of damage. Secondly, there might be issues with circuit boards that may need to be repaired to get your furnace to work.

When your HVAC system is not heating your home, the furnace is usually the culprit. Contact a furnace repair service to fix these issues to get your system working again.

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Why You Shouldn't Put off Your Annual AC Inspection

I almost always have my air conditioner inspected every spring before I start using it in the summer. However, last year I decided to skip the inspection. Everything had been OK for the last couple of years, so I assumed that it would be fine this year as well. Why not save a few dollars and skip the annual check up, just this once? Of course, this was the year that my air conditioner decided to break down. It ran for a few days, but it never really seemed to get cool enough to bring the indoor temperature down. Then it started making a loud noise, right before shutting off completely. By that time, the AC repair company was swamped like it always is when the weather is warm, and I had to wait days for an appointment. Next year, I will definitely be getting that yearly inspection first.

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