Why You Shouldn't Put off Your Annual AC Inspection

Warning Signs Your Residential Air Conditioning System May Need An Air Filter Replacement

Want to learn about how to maintain your home's air conditioning system? One of the things you are required to do to keep your air conditioning system functioning well is to change the air filter regularly. The air filter performs the important task of removing airborne contaminants from your home's indoor environment. This helps to keep the air clean and healthy. 

Failure to change your AC's air filters on time can result in many problems with your cooling system. Keep reading to find out some of the common indications your cooling system needs a filter change.

The Air Coming Out Of Your AC System Is Not Cool

The primary purpose of your home's air conditioning installation is to keep you comfortable in summer by supplying cool air throughout your interior living space. If it is no longer effective at this job, then this could be a sign of an air filter problem.

Since the air filter is responsible for filtering out dirt particles as your air conditioning system runs, it tends to become dirty over time. When this happens, it will impede the flow of air through the system. This will result in an inadequate supply of cool air to your home's interior. 

If you place the back of your hand against the return air grills and notice that the air coming out is not cool enough or cool at all, you may need an air filter replacement.

Your AC System Is Running Too Loud

Impeded airflow resulting from dirty air filters will put a strain on your air conditioning unit, forcing it to run harder than it should to deliver the desired cooling output. When this happens, the unit may make loud noises as it runs, thus ruining the peace and quiet in your home. 

If your cooling system is running too loud, consider replacing the air filter.

Your Summer Utility Bills Are A Bit Too High

Aside from putting extra strain on your air conditioner, filthy air filters can also waste energy, resulting in abnormally high cooling expenses. If your summer utility bills have gone up for no apparent reason, it might be a good idea to check the condition of your AC system's air filter. If dirty, replace them.

Your Air Conditioner Is Making You Sick

As it will not be fully effective at keeping airborne contaminants out of your cooling system, a dirty air filter will not only make your home feel stuffy but can also make your family sick. If your family members are constantly complaining about irritating coughs, allergy exacerbations, and other respiratory problems, it might be time to get an air filter replacement. 

Air conditioning units need to be maintained regularly to keep running at their full potential. Unfortunately, many homeowners only pay attention to their air conditioners when the need for urgent repair action is too apparent. This can cost them more in cooling and repair expenses. If you want to avoid the above-highlighted air conditioning problems, talk to an AC contractor about your AC maintenance needs today.

For more information on air conditioning services, contact a professional near you.

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Why You Shouldn't Put off Your Annual AC Inspection

I almost always have my air conditioner inspected every spring before I start using it in the summer. However, last year I decided to skip the inspection. Everything had been OK for the last couple of years, so I assumed that it would be fine this year as well. Why not save a few dollars and skip the annual check up, just this once? Of course, this was the year that my air conditioner decided to break down. It ran for a few days, but it never really seemed to get cool enough to bring the indoor temperature down. Then it started making a loud noise, right before shutting off completely. By that time, the AC repair company was swamped like it always is when the weather is warm, and I had to wait days for an appointment. Next year, I will definitely be getting that yearly inspection first.

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